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  • What makes a rod a Pentalux®?
    Pentalux® rods are not standard five-strip bamboo fly rods as they utilize asymmetrical five-strip sections that further enhance the casting and fishing experience.
  • Who is the maker?
    My name is Robert D. Smith and I am the original designer and maker of all Pentalux® rods. I began building in the late 90’s and made my first bamboo rod to my own taper in 2001.
  • When were they first made?
    I made the first one in 2007 - went 16 hrs straight through the night to produce the first blank after the initial inspiration.
  • How can I cast one?
    I have a few demo rods available that I am happy to arrange the shipment of to fully experience the build. Please feel free to contact me for father details or info on next event or show too as always bring rods to cast. If ever in the NYC metropolitan area my shop is approx. 15 miles from the GW bridge and happy to arrange a visit.
  • Where are you located?
    My current shop is a short walk to the last address for the Leonard Rod Co. as well as the home of Perry Frazier (wrote book on rod making). It’s approximately 15 miles from the old Uslan rod shop. I am located in Northern NJ.
  • Why Pentalux Rods?
    The asymmetrical design flexes evenly in the casting plane but is stiffer side to side providing a sense of smoothness and accuracy not found in any other rod shape. Until you fish with a Pentalux® rod its abilities and advantages are hard to fully appreciate.
  • Do you take a deposit?
    No. I do not take deposits but full payment plus shipping will be required prior to delivery. If you prefer, as I will contact you after blank is complete to confirm details of build, will accept 50% at that time but all unrequested deposits will be returned as will not effect build order.
  • How much?
    Prices for 2023 start at $3200 for a Standard 2/2 Pentalux® with brass capped tube and custom sock with your choice of finishing options. Please note that price quoted at time of order will not change even if prices go up prior to your build.
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