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Contact Robert Smith for all Purchases. Robert is the maker and owner, He prides himself on customer satisfaction so all purchases are handled directly with Robert Smith over the phone, by email or in person at shows and events. 

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 Prices for 2023 start at $3,200 for a Standard 2/2 Pentalux® with brass capped tube and custom sock with your choice of finishing options. Please note that price quoted at time of order will not change even if prices go up prior to your build.

Vintage & Used Rods

Pentalux Rods

Smith - Feierabend Rods

These rods are all built on original pre-embargo five-strip bamboo fly rod blanks from the remaining stock of Lou Feierabend, the creator of the heralded Super-Z ferrule. They were made between 1948 and 1952, while he was running the beveler at the Uslan Rod Co. 

As the majority of them look to be Spencer Grade rods they will be finished out in a similar style with toned cane, red wraps, a variety of reel seats and hardware, etc. Rods will be dipped in a phenolic resin varnish and are offered in both one and two tip configurations. Each rod will be stamped with anLFS-xxx serial number and SMITH logo. 

The concept or objective behind these rods is to increase the interest in 5-sided bamboo fly rods by offering a great casting bamboo fly rod with historical provenance at an affordable price. These rods provide a fantastic opportunity to add a five-strip to the quiver. 

To further support the history of our sport, 10% of the proceeds from the sale of each Smith-Feierabend LFS Series rod will be donated to The American Museum of Fly Fishing.

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